These Mumbai couples travelling the world and dream to explore each corner of the world together. Anita Pemgirikar and Sunny Sahani are Advertising graduate and that’s what makes a mutual understanding between them for the travel.

This couple are happy to connect with different people through there blog and that’s where they came across different kind of people with different mentality, hearing their views, their culture, their thinking and so on.

What is it that fuels each one of us in this world?

For us, it is our travel blog lost girl trip. Since we got started as a blogger back in 2018, we have found such a sense of fulfilment in our own life. We enjoy writing about our passions, what interests us, what interests other people, and sharing it with the world. With each passing day, lost girl trip gains more followers, and with that, even more success.

One of your most memorable journeys so far and why?

We mostly love those trips visited which we visit inside India only.

So our best and memorable journey was Mahabaleshwar (Panchgani) it’s a small hill station in India’s forested Western Ghats range(South of Mumbai)

Table Land – We decided to visit Table land on the 2nd day of our visit, as it was situated just 1 hour driveway from our stay. Unluckily someone told us the longest way to reach table land and it took 2 hours. But we’re happy that we got through that way and we got a chance to see those beautiful old houses with a different vibe within it. The view was so beautiful, and we never seen a place in India before. The main attraction for us was the 360 Degree Views that take your vision to the surrounding hills and villages. We met some local people over there and they were like astrologers, and the thing which amazed us that they told our personality are nature in a perfect way even without looking at our hands. We don’t believe astrology much but that day those facts made us believe.

What are various things you keep in mind, when you decide a trip?

The main thing we keep in mind is what we will discover over there. We always want to travel in style.

  • Overall budget for the trip
  • What are the local travels over there?
  • Their culture, their local languages, there local food, what the place is famous for?
  • Hotels according to our preference
  • and we always make sure that our restaurants are nearby to the places we want to discover and explore?

Traveling together is always been our wonderful experience as both love traveling and Exploring. Our travel blog has given us a huge success by connecting with people in different corner of the world like Spain, London, New York, Beirut, Bali, Paris etc.

How has your lockdown been?

But lockdown has drastically affected our travel blog too. It’s like we can’t explore cities and states that we always wanted too. Cancelled our many trips too sadly. But we thought of why not give an essence of our surroundings only and that’s when we started uploading pictures of our nearby areas. Traveling is not only about traveling other cities – it’s about how you portray your story in a picture about current scenario and enjoy every bit.

Your trips just before covid-19?

We visited Goa, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh and Mahabaleshwar just before months of lockdown. Those trips were our best trips discovered nature, those beautiful mountains, lakes. We like peaceful life where we can surround ourselves with nature more rather than crowded places. In those trips it’s like we have gone through each type of hurdles, got lost at night where there was hardly any way to home. Travelled streets, famous shops, has their local food, trekked mountains and what not. Travelled with their local public transport. But you know what those were our best trips where we discovered each thing.

What kind of food/snacks you have during your trip and music on your travel lists?

We mostly prefer the local food of that place to know the taste and the culture.

We have a long Music list. Yes Illahi, liggi, Me Gusto (by Anitaa), Laugh now cry later (Drake) and old songs are a few of them.

5 tips for travel enthusiasts?

1. Eat local Food

2. Invest in a Good Camera

3. Make sure you keep all your documents.

4. Keep your language as less as possible

5. Learn a few local language (words) in every country you visit.