Tell us a bit about yourselves?

We as family loves to travel and believe there is so much to be seen in such a short life span. We both are very passionate about travelling from youthful. We believe the journey becomes more beautiful than the destination itself if you travel with like-minded people. Travelling has been a crucial part of our lives since the beginning of our relationship. We believe you don’t have to give up your passion when you have kids. We didn’t stop when we got our little daughter whom we fondly call “Miss K” 

We feel strongly that having kids doesn’t have to stop you engaging in adventurous and culturally interesting activities. We want to say that your travel adventure should not wait until the child is older. Child benefit a lot from travel experience.

One of your most memorable journeys so far and why?

Our favorite travel experiences include when we travelled to Kerala backwater to celebrate Miss K 1st birthday.  Also, our Europe Tour on her second birthday is among most memorable journey as European cities have amazing facilities for travelling with kids.

What are the various things you keep in mind when you decide on a trip?

We have been travelling with our baby since she was two months old. We travelled with an infant to toddler and now with a kid. We have a feeling that the size of the travel bag keeps on reducing with the age of the child. We always make conscious efforts to be organized to make sure our trip goes smoothly. We have a habit of making notes of things to carry.

We start packing our bags days in advance and we will keep on adding things as we will remember. We prefer comfort over anything when we are travelling as a family.

What kind of food/snacks you have during your trip and music on your travel playlist?

Everything related to travelling is exciting for us and exploring varieties of food is stimulating for us. We believe to experience the culture of a place; local food is very important for the same. We try to binge on local food and even want the same for little Miss K so that she can develop a taste of local delicacies. We remember during our Italy trip she tried pasta for the first time and completely loved it.

We love to hear a mix of music and its totally dependent upon the mood , place and time.

How has your lockdown been?

Initially, it was a little difficult to explain lockdown and social distancing to Miss K. She was disappointed not to meet his friends or to go to Society Park. To our surprise, she understood and adapted very well within a few days and as family, we got to spend lots of time together.

Your first trip post COVID 19?

Recently we travelled to Neemrana fort Kesroli to celebrate Miss K fourth birthday. Initially, we were skeptical of travelling or not. But once decided, we made sure this trip provided her with memories and experiences to cherish for a lifetime. We followed all safety guidelines and enjoyed this much-needed trip after five-six months of lockdown.

5 tips for travel enthusiasts?

  • Our goal is to show other families that travel with a kid is not so hard. Please do take that effort for the rewards on the other side and create lifelong memories
  • Be aware of travel benefits that airline provide for travelling with a baby
  • Pack smartly and be organized
  • Carry few favourites of kid – Dry snacks, favourite book, favourite toy etc
  • Take it slow, don’t rush