In the era of digital universe, a business is incomplete without the presence in Social media. Social media enables the users to access all news and updates in their fingertips. They need not search in other sites anymore.  Thousands of new visitors register daily, helping the network grow and reach to every corner of the world. It connects the whole world in one thread. Facebook and Twitter allows the advertisers to filter their target audience to a specific group or demography.

There are many social media marketing agencies in India who speed up your business through social media. However, when you look at the cost of marketing your product/service in these platforms, it is far more cost-effective than the traditional marketing methods.

No Response:

Yes, if you are new to social media, it will take time to create the brand awareness and grab the audience’s attention. Think out of the box and create unique content which the audience would love to read and share. Many small businesses ignore the social media. The reason behind this is their lack of patience and resistance to the change.

Building the brand awareness on Social media may take time. The businesses need to be persistent and keep innovating. There are many businesses that have grown into big brands using social media.

Social media also helps in SEO. That is why most of the large enterprises are taking social media seriously.

Benefits of Social media marketing:
  1. Brand recognition: By uploading unique thoughts and connecting people, you can reach more people and can build brand recognition.
  1. Increase traffic: Social media helps in boosting the website traffic. Quality content will drive more traffic to the website.
  1. Reach out to your Target Audience: Social media helps you to target a specific group of users which ensures that your message reaches to the right audience and reduces the unnecessary costs.  This makes it more effective than traditional marketing.
  1. Less marketing cost: The organizations need not spend much to market their product and services. The important factor here is time. If you can spare around two hours every day, it’s enough.
  1. Good SEO ranking: Write blog and content in your site which should be linked to social media. Social media helps you achieve good rank in search engines for your target keywords.
Easier way to connect with the people:

The social media helps you to connect and engage your audience with your brand. People can stay updated about your brand and promote your brand through word of mouth.

Social media marketing increases website traffic and visitors attention, which an entrepreneur wants. Some of the major social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google +, LinkedIn, etc. where you can share your updates.

I am not saying traditional marketing does not work at all, but without social media, a business is just like ‘Pen without paper’. So SMEs should leverage the power of social media to market their business. There is a lot of scope to grow the business through this platform. The longer you restrain yourself from social media, the more you lose. Social media marketing can generate more leads and more traffic than any other methods. So work on your social media strategy now.