Yoga – the word has become a new fad amongst the older generation and youngsters alike. Due the increasing health hazards, the people, especially in the cities have become conscious about their health and fitness. Hence, they are opting for a better lifestyle by practicing healthy diet and healthy living. And, that is when the importance of yoga, meditation, pranayamas and asanas come into the picture. So, before we understand the benefits and the impact of yoga, let’s quickly peep to the olden days and learn what YOGA actually is!

Yoga, nowadays, like it is said is gaining popularity day by day due to the immense wealth of benefits that it offers. But, these practices have always been a part of the Indian culture and are there since ages. Yoga is not just about flaunting cool yoga-mats and chic pants with t-back shirts while doing some stretching and postures. Yoga is experiencing the union of the body, mind and breath. Postures, asanas etc. are its facets. Yoga does not only take care of your physical health, but also uplifts you mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Benefits of Yoga:

Stress Free Mind:

Practicing yoga and asanas every day for a few minutes can do wonders for your mental health. It detoxifies the body and de-stresses the mind, leaving us energetic and full of life. The most important part in doing these exercises is how you do it rather than how much you do it. The quality matters the most. It is of utmost importance that one does it correctly and hence, it is advisable to learn the asanas and mediation under expert guidance or trained teachers.

Immunity Booster:

If the body is not at ease it affects our mind and vice versa as our body and mind are magically connected to each other. So, a healthy state of being will increases the immunity and all round fitness. The postures correctly inhabited over a period of time can strengthen your muscles, and boost your immunity. Certain asanas help in speeding up the natural healing process of the body and also fortify your resistance power.

Increases Flexibility:

Warm up exercises and yoga asanas increases flexibility. Daily practice of postures makes your muscles strong, flexible and supple. They can even be very beneficial for back pain and joint pain relief. Though, certain asanas should be avoided in case of surgery or other severe ailments. In such cases, there are other, subtler techniques that aid in the healing process. Correct and regular exercise regime is the key to good health.

Healing Agent:

Yoga is undoubtedly the healing agent. It heals the body, and uplifts the mind. It heals your ailments, improves digestion, and is great for your skin too! Certain asanas have the power to heal deadly diseases, including physical ailments and mental illnesses.

Increases Energy Levels and Productivity:

You are at your creative best when you are in the pink of your health. It is practically impossible for a normal person to be productive with a sad and depressed state of mind (unless you are a super human or something!). When our energy levels are high, we naturally feel good and positive which in-turn leads to greater productivity. We can concentrate more on our work when our mind is at peace. A chaotic mind with hundreds of unwanted thoughts can really slow down us while we are at work.

Along with these, there are many more benefits of yoga and, making it a part of your lifestyle is any day a smart choice to make.