If you go mad the moment you see fancy meals? then you have halted to the right destination. As an epicure myself, I always face this dilemma of what food to make? Since different people have different taste buds and eating styles. To satisfy every individual’s taste bud is quite a hard nut to crack. Afterall every occasion’s heart is its food, as it has the power to not only nourish one’s soul but also bring people together. In this fast-paced life, food is the only alternative to relax oneself and to add a bit of spice to your life. What else could be more bizarre than having poor food facility on any occasion? Nothing. If you too feel the same, then keep reading. 

Also, if you are highly opinionated by the fact that meals like Garden Salad, Mashed potato with Chicken Breast, Paneer Butter Masala with Butter Tortilla, Spaghetti with Toastie, Paneer Butter Pav with Dal Makhani etc are better enjoyed at fancy food joints, think again.

What if I tell you that there are 5 fancy meals that you can put out for every occasion? and to your surprise, the icing on the cake is that you don’t have to go lengths to prepare these fancy meals. Seriously, you do not have to cook complicated masterpieces, just right amount of fresh ingredients and your passion will do the needful.

So, get ready to channel your inner chef and to roll a rocking occasion where people will go head over heels in love with your food and will devour everything served to them without leaving a speck of it.

5 Fancy Meals for Every Occasion are as follows

1.Garden Salad.

Salads never go obsolete, from fitness freaks to junk lovers fancy salads are one thing we all love to hop on, well unless you take all the greens out and have only the carb, ha-ha. This fancy yet healthy garden salad will add glory to your occasion. The crispy sauté veggies, creamy cottage cheese, the hint of pepper and tangy sauce with scrumptious corn will be apple of the eye for everyone. This fancy meal is yet another example of a perfect appetiser. It refreshes you from the inside and the veggies makes it even more nutritional. In relevance to your rocking occasion, people love to have a good start before the main course and this garden salad is your best friend in making their taste buds tickle. And as the saying goes, we need to eat better to feel better. Not just healthy but this salad is also pleasing to the eyes, the vibrant mix and match of the colourful veggies are an absolute delight to the eyes. You can make a customised salad also, by keeping some spare sauté veggies and nuts in separate bowls for people to garnish their salad with their preferred choice of stuff.

2. Paneer Butter pav with Dal Makhni 

This butter rich combination of food items are not just some ordinary bread and vegetables but a whole package of taste, flavour, and aroma. This fancy meal is not so common since people prefer lentils with rice or chapati. Now that we are putting ‘fancy’ in our meals, how about some personalised fusion to the meals? You can serve the paneer butter pav with a thick layer of mashed paneer sautéed and stirred with some Indian herbs, seasoned, and topped by coriander leaves for a refreshing aroma. You can also add seasonings that you prefer and wish to add. This is a quick and easy way to impress your guests and be an all-rounder host. Paneer is a good source of proteins and is fulling. Pro tip, dice a couple of onions finely chopped with a lemon cut in half, this serves as a great slider to the dish, who does not like a little crunch with their meals? Dal Makhni is one of the finest lentils and certainly my most favourite. It’s thick and creamy texture with a hint of white cream tastes delicious and makes you want to eat more and more. Be very generous while using butter and cream because you do not have to worry about the calories, at least not on your own hosted occasion. 

3. Grilled Chicken breast and Mashed Potato

Any occasion without the chicken is incomplete, this fancy meal is originated from the states of United Kingdom and is loved worldwide across seas. This flavoursome, juicy, beautiful, and fancy meal is without a doubt the best you can have for the main course. In this, the chicken breast is grilled after being pound with the marinade to make it juicy. The lemon zest is a secret ingredient that makes it all the worth drooling. The zested lemon flavour is the icing on the cake. The grilled chicken being brushed upon with semi liquid butter makes it juicy and luscious with it to be ready to serve. The mashed potatoes on the other hand compliments the chicken. You can shape your mashed potatoes any which way you like. Do not forget to garnish it with sprinkle of salt, pepper, and some chopped mint leaves. You can serve this fancy meal with sauté veggies and any dip of your choice. The dip makes it even more creamy and juicy leading your guests to lick their fingers. Do not forget to serve it hot or else get ready to land in soup.

4. Paneer Butter Masala with Butter Tortilla

Talking about Indian Cuisine, what is that one dish that cross your mind at the very instant? Paneer Butter Masala, Obviously. No occasion can be planned without its involvement. Also, not to forget it is an excellent substitute for meat since most of our Indian population is vegetarian. Paneer Butter Masala is a sweet and tangy blend of flavours that will take your taste buds to another level. You can top it up with little bit of cream to add the extra richness. To give this creamy goodness, a hint of appetizing flavour and several kinds of Indian originated herbs are used. Not to forget that it is best savoured with butter tortilla. Discussing about fancy meals, how can we let it slip to add fancy hint to the tortilla by cutting it into triangular shapes. Additional tip from my side is to enjoy this palatable dish with seasoned onion rings. Serve your guests this wholesome nutritious package of delicacy and let it become the hero of your occasion.

5. Spaghetti with Toastie

When you really want to show love and warmth, keep your flowers, and say it with spaghetti. From children to elders, spaghetti is loved by all. Are you thinking about a dish that goes together with all your guest’s jibber jabber about how ‘this-n-that’ could have been fused with ‘this-n-that’? Well spaghetti is your one-word life saver. A finely made aromatic fancy spaghetti is all you need to fill their mouths up. This saucy and creamy spaghetti is mixed in tomato puree with fine herbs and spices blend together to give it a tangy and hot flavour. This is topped up by parsley and its mild bitter flavour adds to the taste. A baked toastie as a slider to it complements the spaghetti with a crunch and buttery savour. Do not forget to keep the spaghetti saucy because dried one’s are always open to complaints and requires a drink to swallow down, making everybody on your occasion an event manger cum chef whining about it. 

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