The early 21st century, after market recession. A boy from small town ,the place where people know everyone’s face and everyone’s name – a place in which people greet one another with a smile, step down in a city, where he is new to everything.

He always say ‘Life is an endless journey, and every stage we learn something’ and always believe on ‘failure is the pillar of success’.

Believing people… interacting people…. Making relationship… And the journey begins…..

Starting out 2008 (Bachelor in Information Technology) —-> Coding is cool! (I am gonna be a coder) —-> 2010-11 Responsibility (Have to do something) —-> Oh photography is cool! (Photography, Event, Art) Entrepreneur —-> 2012 Finally! (Graduation- No coding! No photography! Let’s do something else) —-> 2012 Financial Institution– Team leader —>  2013 No start designing! I love Photography, Art etc.  (IT company- Web designer) First Job in my field, Excitement, I can do anything! —-> 2014 No No.. Interested in Marketing (I am gonna be a Marketer!) – Master in Sales and Marketing Management

-> 2015 Yo Yo, Account Manager-Digital Marketing (Advertising is so cool), My Future ! Cont.

– > 2015 Shit !  took admission in LLb “I love my Family” Entrepreneur!   Cont.

-> 2015 Content writer, Blogger (Loved it !) Entrepreneur! Cont.

->2016 Robotics also Cool (Today’s emerging market! Exciting product! We can do! ) Entrepreneur! Cont.

-> 2016 Agri-Business (This is what we can do and we can bring the revolution!) IT in Agriculture industry Entrepreneur !


It’s almost a decade, but still he is wondering…..

PS:- The story expressed in the article is the real story of a boy who is struggling for a decade and still.