Startup Story – Shibhana – An Indo-western Clothing Label

A design philosophy that epitomizes the pattern of rich colour palette, fine quality fabrics and the finesse clubbed with contemporary elegance characterizes


The architect behind the label SHIBHANA. From her college days in Delhi, she had a knack for dressing up and was the final styling authority for her family before every occasion in the book. Her college days helped in molding her goal to be a trend setter.

77c06587-e47e-436e-bedf-e8ed74f90487After working for 8 years as corporate human resources professional, she entered the recruitment field as a business partner in Mumbai but her dreams were set somewhere else. Her keen sense of observation for style and fashion, ignited the dormant talent to surface,and that created Shibhana.

Started in May 2014 , Shibhana is an Indo-western clothing label and is all about simple shapes, impeccable finish and maximum feasibility, tinged with grace and elegance. Every dress that has the label Shibhana is unique, appealing and most of all, a statement of class. Shibhana’s collection includes designer and affordable cocktail dresses , sarees and blouses for every occasion in the book. Majestic black, wine, blue and rustic gold and sheer fabrics are the focus pieces of her couture collection.ShikhaBhangadia presents her collection that focuses on simplicity and elegance that proves to be a fatal combination in the long run.

Shibhana launched its Spring/Summer collection in May 2014, and the launch party and contests made people take notice of the start of something new.Success slowly and steadily was making its way to the label, Shibhana.


As Shibhana presented its Autumn/Winter collection, their clientele increased, it was their turn to be recognized and exhibit their collections to the people of Mumbai. Shibhana presented its first exhibition in Times Utsav in the week of October, which turned out to be just the beginning. From Expo International in association with Femina, to the likes of Shagun , Jharokha Art Gallery and Abitare Gallery, Shibhana started getting the recognition they deserved. It was an even bigger success when Jharokha Gallery collaborated with the brand again because of their style and elegance that Jharokha’s clientele wanted to experience more.

Their name reached out to brides-to- be who wanted something that matched their style and made them look graceful, and it wasn’t long before Shibhana stepped into the Bridal clothing business. Brides could customize their style through not-so expensive means and acquire what they wanted for their special occasion.

Shibhana products are available on the following online shopping platforms:-

1.Shopo (Snapdeal App) –

2.Mirraw –

Social media link:-

FB page –

Instagram – shibhanastyle



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