A startup journey: Gocarwash

About Gocarwash:

Owning a car is perhaps one of the best purchases in today’s world. It’s a company that actually cares for a customer’s sweet and favourite car! We are known for our professional car care services right at customer’s doorstep. We are a Bangalore based start-up, founded in July, 2015 our Services includes the eco car wash, detailed exterior wash, intensive interior cleaning, waxing, painting denting services etc.

Two of us along with some of our friends went for a long drive in a car borrowed from our friend. It was already night by the time our adventure and enjoyment came to an end. The next morning, we needed to return the car by morning 10 am and only after a proper cleaning. We started looking for a car cleaning service provider all around, but found only a single such cleaning service provider which charged us Rs. 2700/- along with the taxes only for cleaning the car. That is a big amount! The same day, we decided to start something real great where we could help people find nice car cleaning service at a reasonable rate. So, within 15 days of discussion the idea was implemented and emerged the name Gocarwash. It first started with a single mobile unit for door to door service.

About founder:

D.Satyanarayan holding COO position in Gocarwash and I am responsible for Marketing, Product development and operations at Gocarwash. I have worked as a Senior RE for Life Cell where I used to play a major role in handling sales in life cell & Introduction of Stem Cell banking to clients. I have done my MBA from JNTU, Hyderabad.

Chinmaya Sahu is CEO of the company and he is responsible for looking after Sales, day-to-day decisions and for implementing the Company’s long and short term plans. Prior to Gocarwash, he was a Senior Analyst with Accenture, His role was to Understand and define the requirement process for Several UK Health Care Related Clients. He holds a B.E degree in Chemical Engineering From M.S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore.



The company is founded with an intention to provide best quality car care services at competitive price. This would surely get a smile at every car owner’s face. There is a saying, ‘Happy clients are the ones who generate more of clients for you!”, Gocarwash’s App logic is designed to channelize heavy inflow of customers into different slots which helps us to make on time delivery of the service and our workforce is well trained by our in house professionals who have spent around twenty years in this industry.

How do you compete with other businesses in the same niche?

The services offered by us were earlier offered only by car studios at outrageous prices. We are changing the existing scenario by bringing these to the customer’s doorstep at very affordable prices and at their convenience. . We provide our services from morning 6:30 am to evening 6:30 pm. The morning slots are highly appreciated by the customers also

What challenges did you face during inception or at initial phase of the business? How did you overcome or take up them? 

Initially we started with steam machines but it was not as effective as water wash or eco wash, Customers were not happy with the services and the time consumed was huge. We had invested a lot in the machine and it was not working out well, to save time and improve quality we installed tank in our vans and a pressure washer to give customer showroom experience at their doorstep.


What is the traction so far?

We were founded less than a year ago and we have 3 mobile units and 3 eco wash unit now.  Recently in the month of January, 2016, we launched our android app which has more than 8000 downloads till now and is expecting to cross 15, 000 downloads in next 45 days.

Vision to scale your business:

We have raised seed funding from Mr. Ravi Jagannathan, founder of e-mudra and present chairmen of Krypc. Now; we are looking to expand our services to Mumbai Hyderabad and Chennai and are planning to raise another round for same. Times of India is ready to invest on marketing after we increase our capacity to accommodate more clients


In March  we  reached operational breakeven and we are profitable now J One of the most miraculous things Gocarwash has experienced till now in its route of success is, we have received about 12 franchisee inquiry till now.

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