10 Bollywood Movie Locations that are best tourist spots

Are you a movie buff ? Fond of enjoying the scenary and background scores during movie songs? Have you ever felt like clicking a pic of yourself in those famous places ? Here we give you top 10 movie locations , which make a great tourist spot, so get ready, 1. Choose from our list 2. Book with iTraveller 3. Pack your bag, oh yes ! don’t forget the camera.

  1. Thailand:


Thailand, ‘The land of smiles’, is a highly developed country when it comes to tourism, this place is blessed with beautiful beaches, mountain trails, historical sites with the Thai smiles and friendly faces, of course. The title song of the Bollywood hit, ‘Kaho Naa Pyar Hai’, captured the eyes of the audience with the location, which shows the ethereal white sand, calm water and picturesque desolation of the Island in Thailand. Other Bollywood movies like, ‘Student Of The Year’, ‘Housefull 2′, ‘Ready’, ‘Awaarapan’ and many others show the grand hotels with the classy galleries and luxurious villas, the gorgeous islands and beaches, the rocky waterfalls, the architectural marvels of the ancient city, majestic pavilions , massive structures, solemn monuments and impressive idols which includes the beautiful idol of Buddha. In short, Thailand is a country to witness the spectacular backgrounds used in various Bollywood movies and experience the feel of the mesmerizing locations.

2. Mauritius:


Mauritius, better known as the island of emotion, is like a pearl in the ocean. This place has always been a favorite to shoot Bollywood movies. Bollywood hits like ‘Ek Villain’ and ‘F.A.L.T.U’ featured the Rochester Falls which is the best waterfall in Mauritius. This breathtaking waterfall is an ideal place to stop by and have a nice picnic and enjoy the serene atmosphere with the sounds of the falling water and happy chirping of birds. The Bollywood movie ‘Josh’ showed the Crystal Rock, off the south west coast. This crystal rock sits in the middle of the ocean with a magnificent view of the Le Morne Mountain, where one can swim with the marine life. Dolphin watching at this place is phenomenal. Snorkeling near the rock in the soothing color of the water is magical. Apart from these there are many more things to see and do on this beautiful island. Be it waterfronts, museums, gardens, shopping markets, different activities, day tours to various sights, everything adds to the beauty of this place. Visitors can easily fall in love with Mauritius’s immaculate beauty.



Witness the shooting locations of the famous movies with a vacation in Dubai. Be it the car chase in the movie ‘Race’ or the romantic songs of ‘Dabbang’ or ‘Happy New Year’, they all have been shot here. And with Hollywood blockbusters such as ‘Mission Impossible’, shot extensively in Dubai. There are several reasons why Dubai should be chosen a place to explore, one of them being, to experience the view of the Bollywood locations in real and its proximity to Mumbai. Dubai has excellent assortment of locations. It offers all possible entertainment options, the best possible shopping experience and also has the glamour quotient that one associates with an international destination.



Hong Kong, well known as the pearl of the orient, is famous for its dazzling skyline, the legendary star ferry and its thriving street markets. This dazzling country has been one of the favorite for the Bollywood movie makers. Emraan Hashmi’s ‘Awarapan’ had background locations from Hong Kong. Apart from this Ram Gopal Verma’s ‘Company’ was also shot for a few scenes in Hong Kong, which featured the night view of the world’s most photogenic cities here. The movie also showed the harbor view and the islands on the South China Sea. There is a lot more on the Hong Kong islands. If a single image cold encapsulates Hong Kong, it would be the panorama from Victoria Peak. By the day your eyes would stretch across the sparkling skyscrapers and in the evening panorama melts into pink and orange before reincarnating as a dazzling galaxy of light. You can visit the Madame Tussauds right at the top of The Peak. The crescent shaped stretch of sand; Repulse Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong. Close to the Repulse Bay are the Stanley markets, which is a great place for shoppers, where shoppers can bargain with the shopkeepers to get the typical Chinese souvenirs and endless items one can fall in love with.



China boasts a large number of wonderful tour destinations, splendid cultural heritage, amazing natural wonders and delicate water towns. Few movies that were shot in China are ‘Chandni Chowk to China’ which covers maximum scenes from China, in and around the Forbidden city, where as the action packed moves by our very own Akshay Kumar were shot on the ‘Great Wall of China’. Other movie, ‘The Mummy: Tomb of the dragon Emperor, from Hollywood was also shot in China. This movie features the scene in Tianmo, Dongguan, and the main city of Shanghai.

The beautiful attractions in China are:

1) The Forbidden City or Palace Museum, at the center of Beijing.

2) Hangzhou (Paradise on earth) is a lovely city centered on famed West Lake, full of gardens, tranquil temples and bustling historic streets.

3) Jiuzhaigou Valley, famous for crystal blue lakes and multi-level waterfalls.

4) Potala Palace, Lhasa.



Korea, the land of morning calm, is a place to experience enchanting mornings and mesmerizing sun rises. The locations in Korea are eye catching and were featured in the Bollywood movie ‘Gangster’, which shows the place Seoul, which is a mix of old and new, the Buddhist temples, fascinating palaces and charming pagodas. The movie showed the Grand Park, the Cheonggyecheon Park and Nami Island in Seoul. The same movie was also shot in Busan, which bursts with mountains and beaches, hot springs and sea food and the enchanting and shimmering sights. Apart from these places Korea is famous for its Jeju islands, which is a favorite holiday destination for most of the people. This island has beautiful beaches and lush countryside. It pulls vacationers and honeymooners in thousands.  If one has shopping and eating on the list, Korea is a pretty good choice. Korea serves exotic sea food and the best Korean traditional desserts. Not to forget, one can enjoy doing the Gangnam style in the Gangnam district. Korea also has theatres and concerts, showing the culture, art and performances winning the hearts of the viewers. In other words it can be said Korea has more than one reason to visit.



The tourist attractions in Indonesia are its sprawling archipelago, natural beauty, historical heritage and cultural diversity. One of the famous Bollywood movies like ‘Bheja fry 2’ has been shot here where it captures Bali in most of the scenes. Bali is one of Indonesia’s most popular destinations and ot has beautiful beaches, mountains, forests and more. It is among the world’s favorite vacation islands, with a fascinating natural landscape. Many Bollywood film producers are showing interest in capturing the beauty of this island. Indonesia is a hub for historical Java, has magnificent temples and National Parks. If peace is all that you are looking for, Gili islands is the best place to visit with a relaxed and laid back place, no cars or motorbikes to disturb the peace. The adventurous vacationers can trek at Gunung Rinjani or surf the great waves at the coast. Indonesia’s most famous dive and snorkeling areas are Bunaken and Raja Ampat and here a famous location Baliem Valley offers a glimpse of the Stone Age world. Many Bollywood movie producers are looking forward to choose Indonesia as their film shooting site to capture the beauty and elegance of this country as it gives mesmerizing backgrounds for different scenes in various movies.



Commonly known as the sunny side of life. The Maldives is sunny all year long; it has waves like nowhere else in the world and underwater beauty like paradise. Talking about Bollywood in The Maldives, movies like ‘Kites’, and ‘Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya’ featured a few scenes from Maldives.

The Maldives is home to perhaps the best beaches in the world, every resort in the Maldives is it’s own private island. Maldives with it’s crystal clear blue skies and white coral beaches, makes a picture perfect romantic destination for weddings, honeymoons, celebrations and vacations. It is a place where the weather is a dream and the deep rays of sun awaits to engulf you in their arms. Maldives is a favorite destination of the Bollywood stars for partying and holidaying on various occasions. They say paradise has been found when one happens to visit Maldives.

What one can do in Maldives?

Diving and world class snorkeling Submarine ride, underwater snooze, Sunset cruising, tantalizing your senses at the glow-in-the-dark-beach, indulging in a romantic massage, exploring the islands and much more. To be specific Maldives is becoming one of the most favorite holiday destinations in the world.



Singapore is a global city with multiple attractions and the iconic skyline. It is no easy task to choose the impressive things to see and do in Singapore. Many Bollywood movies like ‘Krrish’, features the Cavanagh Bridge, which is one of the oldest bridge in the Singapore also the magnificent ‘Fountain of Wealth’ which is the largest fountain in the world. The trailer of the film, ‘De Dana Dan’ had highlighted many venues in which this film was shot from Sentosa to Fusionopolis and majorly Pan Pacific in Singapore. Other movies like ‘Pyaar Impossible’ and ‘Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya’ showcase the artistic and creative Esplanade- Theatres on the Bay, the beautiful Tiger Balm Gardens and Raffles place. Other places that are worth visiting in Singapore are the Universal Studios, a movie themed entertainment park where one can step into the glamorous world of movies. The Park has movie themed zones, thrilling rides and a Hollywood walk at the Hollywood zone. You can also experience here a ride in the Singapore Flyer which is the world’s largest observation wheel, giving breathtaking panorama views that are so radically different during the day and night. Passengers will get to see the Singapore River, Raffles place, Marina bay, and so many beautiful things from this flyer. One can also experience the night safari, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay and many other things in Singapore which makes this place a perfect destination to visit.



Malaysia gets lot of love from Bollywood as well as Hollywood. There is a list of movies that are shot in Malaysia. Around 80% of the Bollywood hit ‘Don’ was filmed in various locations in Malaysia, including Pulau Langkawi, which is the longest free span and curved sky bridge. Shah Rukh Khan returned to Malaysia for his another movie ‘Don 2’, covering scenes at Malacca Prison. Other films like ‘Humraaz’ were shot at the world famous, iconic skyscrapers towering 88 floors, The Petronas Twin Towers and the Sunway Lagoon, a theme park with water slides, man-made river rides, a surf beach and other dry land activities too. The movie ‘Dil maange more’ was shot at the ‘Frazer’s Hill’, a highland resort destination nestled among the mountains of Pahang. This movie also features the Seri Sajana Bridge, which is a transparent, elegant and futuristic slender looking structure.



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