Preschool education – 6 most important factors for choosing the right preschool

Play school is not just about kids playing together under the guidance of a caretaker. Early education for your child needs a detailed understanding of your and the kid’s requirements as well as understanding all the details about the preschools you are targeting. In this competitive world, it is essential that the right decision is made with respect to the preschool.

While deciding on the preschool for your kid, the below important factors must be taken into account:

1. Proximity:

The preschool that you are evaluating must be near to your place of stay. This is an essential factor as you don’t want your kid to travel too much at such a young age. There is no definitive guide on what is the ideal distance for the preschool. However, it is always beneficial that the school should be within a distance of 2 – 3 kms from your place of stay.

2. Safety and Security:

The preschool must be in a safe and secure locality, enhanced by further safety measures such as boundary walls, sturdy gates and CCTV cameras. This not only keeps your child safe, but also helps you concentrate on your work. Open and easy access into the school is a strict no-no.

3. Caregivers and Teachers:

Before deciding on the preschool, it will be helpful that you interact thoroughly with the caregivers and teachers as much as possible, instead of just relying on the admission counselor. This gives you a direct feel of the environment inside the preschool and their way of handling kids.

4. Method of education:

Most of the preschools choose either the Nursery or the Montessori methods for imparting early educations. Many also prefer a combination of these two methods for their schools. You as a parent should understand the method being followed and choose accordingly.

5. Affordability:

This is an important aspect to be considered. The preschool shouldn’t be charging exorbitantly in the grab of some fancy names like international, global, etc.

6. Regular communications:

The preschool must have a defined process on how to handle regular communications related to your child’s progress and other details about the school’s events to ensure you are well prepared for the same. Apart from the ubiquitous school diary, other modes of communications such as Email / SMS / Social media etc are also important.

All these factors should be considered while choosing the right preschool for your child. It is always important that you understand your child thoroughly and plan according to his or her needs.

About the author: Kiranmayee Mishra is the center head of the NeoVva Kids preschool, Bangalore . The views expressed are personal.



Kiranmayee Mishra

Kiranmayee Mishra is the center head of the NeoVva Kids preschool, Bangalore ( The views expressed are personal.

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