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Precaution is better than Cure!

Dengue is one of the most common diseases caused by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes during the monsoons. Dengue bourne mosquitoes bite during the day unlike malaria, where the mosquitoes attack during the night. As the most common breeding ground for dengue mosquitoes is stagnant water, precautions are a must!

Here are few tips that can keep dengue mosquitoes away:

  1. Avoid mosquito bites like the plague!

Avoiding mosquito bites is a major precaution against dengue fever. People should take necessary precautions to combat dengue fever before it gets in to our body. If someone at home is ill with dengue, try to not let the mosquitoes bite them or others in the house.

  1. Keep home, environment, and surroundings as hygienic as possible

It is one of the best ways to keep mosquitoes away. Always cover your trash can or dust bin when not in use. Make sure your window and door screens do not have any holes, block those areas properly if there are any to eliminate mosquitoes.

  1. Getrid of all stagnant water

Turnover empty pails and buckets, so that they do not collect excess water. If the container that contains water cannot be emptied, remember to cover it well when not in use. Remember to clean out empty flower pots and not to over water potted plants. It is advised to not have any stagnant water. This will prevent breeding of dengue mosquitoes. If you use a cooler remember to empty out and clean the water tray regularly, even when not in use.

  1. Make Mosquito Nets your friend

Always sleep under a mosquito net especially infants as they sleep during the day and hence the chances of getting bitten by a dengue mosquito is higher.

  1. And make Mosquito Repellents your best friend

Apply mosquito repellents on all exposed areas, during the day and night on a regular basis to prevent dengue. Using camphor as a repellent also works wonders. You canalso light camphor in a room to have a mosquito free environment.

  1. Mosquito Coils are good for you!

Burn a mosquito coil under your bed or near the window to prevent mosquito attacks. You can also go natural if you like!A natural method to keep mosquitoes away is keep a tulsi plant by your window. The plant has properties that do not allow mosquitoes to breed.

  1. Fogging.

There are no specific medications to treat dengue, and there is no vaccine commercially available against dengue. Therefore, prevention is the most important step to reduce the risk of dengue infection. For reducing the adult mosquito load, fogging with insecticide is somewhat effective.

Benjamin Franklin rightly said, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’

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