How Much Popular Our Indian Cinema Around World

If you are using Youtube and you are Indian it’s hard to admit that you have not came across this trailer reactions. It has been quite a trend around in Youtube. It’s actually getting quite a large audiences like the most famous reactor is Cynthia reaction with 16,844 subscriber (till 1 July).

How Foreigners Came To Know About Our Indian Cinema ?

So how did Indian trailer reaction by non-Indians became so popular. It all started with some Indian guys requesting a YouTube channel to react to Bahubali:

The Beginning trailer, so the reviewer of the channel did a reaction to Bahubali, and this lead to most of other American Trailer Reactors to react to Bahubali’s trailer one by one, became a trend to react to it and get some views. But it was not over there.

Toma Punk a Swedish Reactor (Not DJ as we know Swedish People Avicii, Alesso, Axwell and many more) was one of the first reactors to Indian trailers, and not so far just 6 months back he reacted to Bahubali Trailer. And soon Jaby Koay (US based) reacted to Indian Trailers and then there were a lot of reactors certainly. Whoever show it for the first time was amazed with the screenplay and cinematography of the movie it was beautiful, and they were amazed about Indian trailers that how come Indian Movies are this good. They didn’t
expected this much epic experience they will be having and on top of that they started getting some new views and lots of new views. So their curiousness and views started a new journey and created a whole new audience , and audience of Indian Trailer reaction including some non-Indian people too.


Many YouTubers tried to copy their success but were not able to. Only some were able to lay a mark. Some upcoming reactors of Indian stuff like SgtRocko aka Gavin B ,Koricon Nala , Stageflix and Robert Reactions have given it a new flavour. Where Toma Punk likes to keep it as simple as possible not overdoing it and having quite a honest reactions, Jaby Koay likes to make it entertaining and intresting by bringing in guests like Syntell (“We all love Syntell, common”), Chuk , Akiera , Akanksha , Moumitha , Mohitha ( He must be confused with names ), Hope Jaymes (Someone Bring her Back) and many more. This new bread of reactors are mature, Koricon Nala another US based reactor was one of the few who I just subscribed viewing his one reaction only, he is more focused on story and content does some cricket reactions too and has good knowledge about whats going on in the world.And he also goes and watches movies in his nearest theatre which is very far from where he lives and his father has quit a good knowledge about Indian Cinema, hope he does a reaction with his father that would be great.


Another is  SgtRocko aka Gavin B Austrlia based reactor, he was also one of few whom I subscribed after seeing his first video only. He is also one of the best reactors, always coming with new variety of video. He has did many variety of reactions like trailers, songs, AIB & EIC , Games and many more. His reactions are really
sweet. SgtRocko aka Gavin B & Koricon Nala are also growing
very rapidly.  Robert Reactions UK based reactor, he is different , his presentation is unique, with movie names and poster shown in big LED TV behind him and trailer seen poped at left corner of video always. He is British although, a manner will be there in his reactions. But its always fun to watch him.

It’s Not Everybody’s cup of Tea:
They were not new to YouTube, or got lucky and made easy views, no it was their talent and hard work which resulted in their success. It’s not easy to react to foreign movie, it’s like stepping into unknown. It’s not like Indian watching Hollywood trailers because most of the time we know actors and we completely understand English language, its lot harder. Imagine a North Indian reacting to any South Indian movie, yes you got it right, it can be really confusing. And they also have to take out time to shoot reaction then editing it and finally uploading it to YouTube, and sometimes after all this hard work they get copyright strikes and video is removed. It’s not any easy life for a reviewer.

If you know as this trend started there were many YouTubers reacting to Indian Trailers, if you watched one accidentally, than you feed will be full of suggestions of other trailer reaction. It was like the only thing on Youtube. But as of now after 6 months not many have been a success, only some good quality stuff have been promoted by Indian viewers. Trailer reaction trend might not be around much as because we are now used to it watching every day. But it’s growing and growing rapidly. Yes they make money, they are not Amir Khan who has made enough money so he does Ineradicable India’s ad for free. They have to also match their daily
needs. So people who are commenting like “They are only making money” are the ones who are jealous of them because they did and this jealous people were not able to, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Reactions among Indians:
It is in India’s history and culture to accept any new thing and dissolve in it. Indians were supportive and very loyal to them. They took time from their daily life and watched this reactions of 7-10 mins and then suggesting and commenting trailer requests. This made Indians feel proud about Indian Movie Industry again and showed Industry how far it can reach to a very unknown and far audiences, who are ready to step into Bollywood experience. And not just Indian conman people but celebrities like Priyanka Chpora and Sonu Nigam have mentioned them.


Final Words:
So by this we can say that Indian audience have got recognition form foreign peoples and artists. And as more internet grows more and more in India, this type of rise and trends is largely expected. More content related to Indian audience will come in. This also proves Indian audience is very accepting and loving, and has laid to very good mark on social media.

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