DrWheelz: Your Car Doctor at Doorstep

About Company:
DrWheelz is the brainchild of Balaji Mohan, Bangalore based racer and a car enthusiast. The journey of DrWheelz started in the year 2015, headquartered at the Silicon capital of India. DrWheelz has been able to revolutionise the desi auto service industry by leaps and bounds. Simplifying the experience of car servicing by bringing the service station to your doorstep is their USP. In the current highly competitive market they have been able to carve a sharp niche for themselves steering clear of all competitors! With startups based on the similar lines mushrooming all around they were very clear and crisp about their concept. Bringing the service station to ones doorstep for all repairs and services up to the engine level has been their most sought after promises and they have successfully walked the talk.. Adding to this absolute transparency in billing, usage of quality lubricants, typing up with the best names in the market for   OEM’s, well experienced service engineers to cater to all makes of cars and the promise to deliver the vehicle within the stipulated time frame with zero compromise on the service quality level has set them way ahead of other names in the market.
Founders details:
Balaji Mohan based out of Bangalore is a well known car racer in the city and down south. His knowledge about the auto industry latest technologies in the same field levitates him above the rest. Hails from a coding background has been stuck in a regular corporate profile for the longest time. Finally set out to follow his dreams and his passion for automobiles there by coming up with Drwheelz your auto doctor on wheels! Comes with varied interests in all forms of automobiles. His schooling and college was done in Bangalore. Hails from a sound business family but wanted to take the path less taken by developing his own module revolving around his interests. Ardent music lover loves solo drives believes that his biggest critic is his own self as he remains unbiased about his achievements and drawbacks.he drew flak from most but remain focussed and anchored towards his
career progression in making Drwheelz a reality.
Vijay Reddy from Hyderabad comes from a upper middle class family. Is a very driven individual clear about his expectations from his career.Has realistic goals and aspirations does not believe in obscurity of
numbers in business. Has been in the market since his younger days back in college where pocket money was sourced by him through buying and selling of cars. Strategising the business plans is one of his
biggest USPs. Hails from VIT Vellore. His driving force has been the zest to achieve the less achievable, he has joined hands with Balaji Mohan to be the Co Founder of Drwheelz. Together they make for a
lethal combo and they believe in transforming the Auto Service industry beyond ones imagination which is realistic and technologically driven. While leaving ample room for improvement.
What are you Solving:
The hassle one has to go through to gets ones vehicle serviced. primarily the non transparency in billing huge costs of labour the effort involved in travelling to and fro to the service centre most of all inability to see the quality of lubricants and spares used.
Our USP:
Drwheelz has by it self created strong ripples in the market by its simple yet highly efficient module which is highly enviable to most of their contemporaries. Bringing a fully quipped highly mechanised
service vehicle to the customers doorstep is first of its kind in the market and Asia on the whole. Its cost effective module makes the service experience an absolute pleasure for the customer and the
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