The Corona Virus Pandemic has affected many countries over the world. Since there are many rising cases of COVID-19 in Indian, lockdown across the nation is implemented by the government of India. It is a contagious disease that gets transferred from one person to another. Hence, the steps taken by the Indian government are to prevent the spread and break the chain of this deadly virus. Due to the lockdown, everyone is under the roof of their house. This will cause major disturbance in students’ learning too. Since the schools and other educational institutions are closed, the academic learning of the students is also on a pause. Adults can manage to overcome this situation, but it becomes difficult for students to do so as they are entirely off routine without school. Not only the exams are cancelled, but the admissions to the higher level are also on hold.


Olympiad exam is a competitive exam that is conducted by many non-profit / private organizations at the national and international level. It motivates students to display their talent on a big platform. It helps students in building self-confidence and face competitors of their age. This exam is constructed with a motive to give a boost to the young minds and remove the fear of exams. It helps students to learn the concepts in an interesting and easy way. The syllabus this exam follows is the taken from the regular school curriculum. This exam is designed to clear the topics studied in the school and improve students’ performance in the academics. It makes the learning and understanding of a student strong which results in achieving excellence in the academics. It proves to be a best pick to measure the progress of a student.


  • Exercising questions thoroughly from Olympiad workbooks.

Olympiad workbooks help a lot in the process of preparing for Olympiad exams. Indian Talent Olympiad provides Olympiad workbooks that are reader friendly. These books are constructed under the guidelines of the subject experts. The content of the workbook follows school board syllabus. Questions in these books are in the form of multiple choice questions. Logical explanation for each answer is also given in the book so that the student gets to know the topic more clearly.

  • Solve previous year sample papers.

When a student appears for any exam, he or she must be clear with the exam pattern. Previous year question papers provide help to the students by giving them the rough idea of the exam pattern. Students practicing these sample papers tend to develop the ability to manage the time required to solve one question and master problem solving skill. Previous year question papers are considered to be an essential part during the preparation of the exam.

  • Solve mock tests available online

Since, the educational institutes and firms are closed due to the pandemic, many education oriented organizations and institutions have launched online mock test facility to the students. Students can practice and test their knowledge by just sitting at home and spending more time on the tests. Indian Talent Olympiad gives an opportunity to students to win exciting prizes just by scoring high in weekly tests and by spending more time on the daily practice tests. This on other hand motivates students to study even in the lockdown. The hidden motive behind this gesture is to maintain the link between children and studies.


Technology has paved the way to build a bridge connecting students and the educational institutes. Online education has made it possible for students as well as the teachers to stay connected. Online study helps students to utilize their time and brush up their knowledge. It helps them to plan their study schedule as per their convenience. It helps students to revise their study and improve their skillsets. They can prepare themselves for the online tests by staying at their home. Online Olympiad Tests are the best choose to encourage students to study and trigger their intelligence. These tests are based on the regular school board syllabus and contain the topics that a student learns in his / her academic curriculum. The framework of this question sets are built up under the supervision of experts.

Image Source: Forbes.com