Having a degree in Engineering and an MBA followed by many successful stints as an ambitious marketer, with companies like Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) and Welspun, over the past 13 years, she realised that it was always travelling that kept her going about everything in life. Sitting at a desk and engrossed by a travel-trance became a routine. Thus, her travels became frequent – at every chance she got.

About yourselves?

To start with, I am a big-time travel enthusiast. I love travelling all around the globe and I have so far been to 65 countries. Nothing brings me more happiness than sitting in a coffee shop, in a new country, and soaking up the energy that every place comes with. I started my blog Travel Chatter, to share my travel tales with the world, a few years back and now I am a full-time travel content creator/influencer. I have also been a marketing corporate leader in various organisations like Unilever, Welspun and RentokilPCI. Other than this, I am an ardent dog lover and I also help my mother run her NGO (Anubhab Foundation) in Kolkata. 

From a marketer to a traveller, how’s the journey?

The journey has been awesome so far. Yes, it does get difficult to balance a full-time corporate job and pursue your passion for travel, but I have always believed that where there is a will, there is always always a way! It’s all about planning your leaves well in advance, building a good team, being flexible, willing to work remotely etc In fact, all my experiences through my travels has actually taught me a lot of life lessons which I apply in my corporate life as well and that helps me become a better marketing leader  and a better human being.

65 Countries, which has been your most memorable journey so far and why?

I have had a lot of memorable journeys/experiences, to name a few – landing up in Cyprus with a handwritten visa, jumping off high cliffs into roaring waterfalls in Costa Rica, Fishing and eating piranhas in the Amazon Forest, lava cave trekking in Iceland, riding a scooty solo on the beaches of Portugal, climbing up the rainbow mountain in Peru. meeting mountain Gorillas in Uganda, trekking a glacier solo in Patagonia, Argentina and a lot more.

What are the top five must-haves for a trip?

  1. A positive mindset
  2. A light baggage
  3. Comfortable footwear
  4. A good camera
  5. Willingness to push yourself out of your comfort zone to have Unforgettable experiences.

The world of travel will change post-COVID-19, what’s your view on it?

Yes, it surely will. People are going to be hesitant to take flights or go into crowded restaurants/bars/malls. A lot of elderly people who used to love travelling like my parents will not be able to step out of the house for a very long time. It is devastating to see what’s happening all around and we can only hope that things get better as soon as possible. However, in the near future – Its going to be a lot of slow travel and road trips to start with. My only piece of advice to people would be to not let your guard down no matter what.

Any advice you’d like to give to Yournib readers?

All of you who wants to follow your passion and work towards it, Start now. The best time to start was yesterday. Don’t let your inner demons get the better of you. Tell yourself that You are your most precious asset and you will pursue the things you love. Most of us get lost in the process of starting. For those who love to travel, do not let that urge to explore every nook and corner of the globe die because trust me, I do not have enough combinations of words to describe how beautiful and ever expanding the world is. Just have the courage to kick start it and once those initial apprehensions are gone, there will be no stopping you.