What is Mathematics?

Everything we do has Math in it. Science that deals with the logic of arrangement, quantity and shape is called Mathematics. It is the abstract study of quantity, numbers, structure and shape. Math is a branch of Science that involves calculation, computation, problem solving, etc. It reveals the hidden method which helps us understand the world around us.

Why is Math Important?

Study of Math makes us understand the reality. No matter what field a student wants to make career in, Math will always remain the base of every career oriented courses. Without Math we would not be able to count or differentiate between things around us. Basic Math that everyone should know is how to count, sum, subtract, divide and multiply. A good exposure to mathematics helps develop analytic mind and benefits in constructing better ideas and thoughts.

Whether it be preparing any recipe, reading out time, managing money, counting scores of the exam, identifying the date, etc. – Math is the common and key element. While performing any day to day activity we are likely to do simple math calculations at the back of our mind. One gets a good translation of his / her ideas and conclusions with the help of Math. Math is important in education system as it shapes the young minds for the future.

Benefits of Learning Math –

Math helps to develop logical and critical thinking. Whenever we solve any mathematical problem, we perform several steps of calculations to before getting the desired result. This practice facilitates the analytical thinking skill and helps an individual to conquer his / her fear of facing problems. Math helps kids develop essential life skills. Math educates kids to recognize the worth of time. /modern technology has accelerating demand all over the world and a strong groundwork of math will serve a better understanding of technology. Great opportunities may knock the door not only for providing solutions but also to shake hands with successful career. Therefore, students should focus on improving their math scores too.

How to Improve Mathematical Skills?

Many students find it difficult to solve mathematical problems. It can be a difficult subject if a student doesn’t have the right skills in place. But if he / she learn to approach the problems strategically, he / she will likely to find it easy and fun. But, it becomes difficult for them to find the correct source through which they can enhance their problem solving skill.

Here is the solution, where a child can enhance his / her mathematical skills. Indian Talent Olympiad conducts Olympiad Exams at school level. These exams are conducted across India in the respective schools of the participating students.

How Will Mathematics Olympiad Help Students In Improving Academic Score?

International Maths Olympiad (IMO) conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad helps students to overcome the fear of Math by letting them learn in a fun and easy way. Here, students get an opportunity to compete other students of their age. Based on the performance of a student, the strengths and weaknesses are tested. IMO workbooks and previous year question papers are made available for students of class 1 to 10. It follows the regular school board syllabus and mainly focuses on the development of the students. Reader friendly content is constructed under the guidance of subject experts. International Maths Olympiad (IMO) helps in improving student’s performance in the academics. Learning is made easy with the help of the study materials provided for Math Olympiad. Practicing thoroughly and working hard on the areas a student is lacking in will result in enhanced scores and clear the obstacles that comes in the process of learning.

Confidence Level Of A Student Is Boosted –

A big platform is given to the students to showcase their talent. As a student gets an exposure to the competitive atmosphere he / she develop confidence. Special awards and recognitions multiply their confidence and keep them stay motivated. Therefore, a sense of encouragement grows in them and the students tend to perform well in their future exams.

How To Enroll For Olympiad Exams?

Interested students can enroll their name by approaching their respective schools. School teachers can visit on Indian Talent Olympiad and register their school with the list of interested students.