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Strict rules on misuse of platelets

With Dengue Fever being so viral in Mumbai and since there have been  tightening norms on the use of platelets, the BMC has published a notice that asks all blood banks to maintain a record of each unit of blood dispensed for Dengue patients. Even the Doctors are asked to attach the patient’s blood coagulation profile while prescribing platelets and to also maintain a record of it in their medical files.

Blood banks from now on will have to note down specific details such as the patient’s name, age, gender and the number of platelet units issued. Along with the above details, the blood bank will also have to include information like the treating doctor and the hospital. The civic body has made it mandatory for them to have a bunch of test reports or patient’s coagulation status that not only  shows the patient’s overall platelet count but also the fact whether or not the patient is bleeding and how serious it is. Such specific details will help the Doctor to have a very clear view of the patient and hence save a lot of time and energy.

The ideal condition under which platelet transfusion should be considered. For example, there is no need to give prophylactic platelets if the count falls to 20,000 per cmm (cubic millimetre).The  prophylactic platelets may be given at levels of less than 10,000 per cmm in the absence of any bleeding. Platelet transfusion may be needed, along with red cell transfusion, in the case of systemic massive bleeding. The BMC, however, stated that keeping the guidelines in mind, the physician should take the final call.

A condition where the platelet count drops is commonly associated with dengue patients is known as Thrombocytopenia. “Platelets help blood to clot. Platelet transfusion becomes necessary to prevent bleeding into tissues, bruising or progressing into severe bleeding. But only a minuscule percentage of dengue patients need it,” said physician Dr. MK Dave, who consults with Karuna Hospital, Mumbai.

Blood banks are to strictly follow the format to collate information and email it to the BMC’s epidemiology department. The details will be reviewed by the BMC during dengue death audit meetings and stalked up for future references.

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