Key to limitless true happiness

Have you ever felt happiness in your life ?  What a stupid question is it !!!

Of course every person has felt both happiness and sorrow in different proportions in their life.

Whenever you hear your son has scored beyond your expectations , you are happy. Whenever you get an increment in salary you are happy. Whenever your team wins, you are happy. Whenever your car loan is sanctioned, you are happy. whenever you see a good movie you are happy. Whenever you see a beautiful lady smiles at you , you are happy. List of examples are inexhaustible.

Now , I am giving the same above examples with little additions. You are very happy at your son’s performance which is beyond your expectations but after a while u came to know the marks of the best friend of your son which is little higher, you at once became sad . Is this normal or abnormal behavior ?  for most of us including me, this is quite normal. What happened to your happiness ?

In the second scenario you are happy at the win of your team, but when you came to know that the team cannot go the final as the score is less than the third team who goes to the final. You become sad again. What happened to the joy of the winning team ?

When that beauty smiled at you, you started dreaming many things, but at the next moment another good looking man approached her and both vanished in no moment. Your million dollar dream got crushed.

What I mean to say is where these happiness goes which was there in you few moments back. If it vanished , then these are not true happiness.

Consider another situation:  You are travelling in a local train.  a cute baby smiled at you. You also smiled back, took the baby from her mother and hugged him. You are feeling like heaven. But after some time, the mother took back the baby as they reached their destination.

Did the happiness vanished along with the baby ? Certainly not.

Why ? most of us would say there is much difference between beautiful lady and the cute baby. But let me ask you a question . Did you feel the quality of happiness is different in these two situations ? Of course quantity may be different in different individuals.

There lies the real answer. When you see the beautiful lady smiling at you, you are expecting something consciously or subconsciously. When your expectations are not met, the happiness vanishes. But when you hugged the baby you expect nothing from the baby. when the mother took away the baby from you even without your will, your happiness remains at your heart. No heartache at all. Think honestly and analyse.