Innovative Marketing Campaign – GingerCup

There can be nothing as good as helping the poor in today’s world. A couple of daysback, it was International Labour Day and I along with my friends was discussing a great deal of stuff to help the needy. Sadly, despite all our discussions, we didn’t do anything for them. On the Labour Day itself, there was a lot of hullabaloo about being more sensitive and helpful towards the underprivileged on social networking sites and yet these discussions remained infertile. I feel, there is simply no use making noise about something you cannot do anything about. Our unfruitful talks and unproductive ideas do not change the fate of those who have to toil hard and still they barely get their both ends meet. Sad but true!

However today, this angst got a respite, when I came across one old man and his wife who run a tea stall. While strolling alone in the evening, I thought about having tea at this old man’s tea stall. What made me go to it were the immaculately put hundreds of colorful tea cups on a table. When I went there, I took one of the cups and noticed it had something written in English on it and the quality of paper it was made of was laudable.

The cup in fact had something precisely written for me. I couldn’t even imagine I would come across a laundry vendor’s website through a cup of tea. I wonder what a tremendous idea it is. It was an ad on a cup of tea!

On being asked, the old man happily told me that he got all those cups for free from “company walas”. Confused, I probed him further and came to know that there was some company called GingerCup which for their marketing campaign had distributed those cups for free to him.

My happiness was further amplified when the tea vendor told me that it had been 7 days his wife hadn’t had to wash the bone china cups they usually serve tea in. Readymade cups saved the old lady’s labour plus the cost of detergent they had to use for it. Smilingly putting tea in the cup and handing it over, the old man looked gratified that he was able to give his wife some rest and there were still a lot of cups remaining with them. Also, the easily noticeable pile of cups fetched them more customers than the usual.

Whatever this company GingerCup did was fantastic. First, they made a poor tea vendor happy much to delight me and second that unique ad on that cup helped me get my clothes washed.

This incident surely taught me one thing that talking and thinking about helping someone is of no use. Going out and doing something even for your own purpose like that company did can actually become a big source of help for someone in need.




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