6 strangest natural phenomena

Nowadays science is powerful, but not almighty. There are phenomena that modern scientists cannot explain, and they remain a true mystery for mankind.

You Should Surprised that 6 phenomena which still don’t have a clear scientific explanation.

1. Déjà vu is a French phrase meaning ’already seen.’ It’s a strange feeling which makes us think that we have already experienced a certain situation. All the power of experiencing déjà vu is in the feeling that there are hundreds of different paths that could lead to a particular moment in time. You feel that you’ve seen this particular moment already, and since then you have made enough decisions that would make it impossible to occur again. But it still happened, so maybe it was your destiny after all?
Scientists make different assumptions concerning this phenomenon, from the changes of time coordination in our brain to the repeat of some scenes from our dreams. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to research déjà vu since it cannot be caused artificially.

2. The placebo effect is one of the major unanswered questions of medical science. It’s unclear how only a pure belief in the healing properties of an ’empty pill’ that a patient takes can heal the body. Whether it’s lupus or even cancer, sometimes the autosuggestion can help us with the most dangerous illnesses. If a human being is sometimes able to heal them self from a fatal disease with their mind, doesn’t it prove that our
abilities are endless?

3. Over the years, the inhabitants of Taos, a town in the American Southwest, hear a low-frequency sound of unknown origin coming from the desert. The so-called Taos Hum sounds similar to heavy vehicles moving down a highway, though there are no major roads around the town. This hum often leads to serious mental diseases and suicides among those who heard it. Some residents think it is an unlucky omen. Scientists haven’t yet found the source of the hum.

4. Sometimes we call it the sixth sense. Science is still unable to explain the nature of this phenomenon. Some scientists claim that everyone has a gut feeling when they have to make a choice. They say that we have this ability from birth, but, developing only five of our senses, we forget how
to use it.

5. People who have experienced clinical death sometimes tell about visions like a tunnel with a light at the end, a feeling of flying, meeting with relatives, etc. This phenomenon is called a ’near-death experience.’ The main problem is that the brain almost stops working soon after the heart stops, meaning that a clinically dead person cannot feel or experience anything. There are theories explaining not only this problem, but problems with every kind of vision. But what science cannot explain is why some patients remember what happened to them during their reanimation in the smallest details.

6. We can find the first mentions of ghosts in the historical legends, and they still appear in the present-day news. There’s not only collective evidence of people meeting ghosts, but also such striking facts as photos and videos. Scientists reveal many paranormal phenomena by explaining them as mass hysteria, mental disorders, and various poisonings. But there are still cases which a single theory cannot explain.




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