Human Resources

5 Creative Ways To Recruit New Talent

Trying to build a stellar team? Skip the hefty headhunter fee and try these inexpensive, innovative recruitment approaches. Creative methods will attract a greater, more diverse pool of candidates and help you get the right person for the job. And the less money you spend on recruiting, the more money you can pay your hardworking employees.

1. Tap into your social networks. If you think Facebook is just for keeping up with your friends, you’re missing out on a great networking opportunity. The cost of Facebook ads depends on how many times the ad is viewed or clicked on, and tends to be cheaper than traditional advertising. Plus, you’re appealing directly to potential applicants.

If you don’t want to spend anything, try posting the job opening on your Facebook status or on Twitter. Chances are someone in your network, or someone they know, will be interested. And of course, LinkedIn has plenty of hiring tools. They’re even launching a high-powered, job specific referral engine to help tap into the best of everyone’s networks.

2. Check out startup-specific recruiting websites. If you’re building your own company, you can’t miss Startuply. It’s like for budding businesses. Your posting will be less likely to get lost among a sea of listings. The website targets people who want to work for a startup, not just people looking for a job. The candidates you’ll get will be more likely to be interested in aiding growth and development.

Looking for a co-founder? If your business is more of an idea than an actual company, there are plenty of tools available online to help you out. Cofoundr is an online network for entrepreneurs. You can easily search and find people interested in the same kind of startup.

3. Go viral. Formashape, a Canadian manufacturing company, placed a single billboard outside their plant that read “Trespassers Will Be Hired.” A local reporter noticed the ad and wrote an article about how it was a cool way to attract talent. That one article resulted in hundreds of job applications, not to mention great publicity.

4. Revamp your website. Your business may have a great work environment, but potential applicants can’t see that. More likely, they’ll see what comes up when they google you. If your website reflects the fun, unique culture of your company, it’ll make people want to work there. Include messages or blog posts from employees. Add pictures and videos to illustrate life on the job. Once you’ve got people interested, make it easy for them to apply by posting open positions and job descriptions.

5. Go where the talent is. Don’t wait for talent to find you—go find them. If you’re looking for developers, check out the Hacker News network. Check out Tumblr or Mediabistro to find aspiring writers. And don’t underestimate the untapped talent of graduating seniors. Colleges have career centers, job fairs and sometimes their own job listings websites. Students are eager to learn, looking for employment and full of new perspectives.